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Connected Home, Smart City & Industrial IoT, Connected Cars and beyond – the larger IoT market features the hottest topics in the technology industry today. Across the world, spending on software and hardware related to IoT has grown from US$726 billion in 2019 to US$1.1 trillion in 2023.

IoT is no longer in the stage of hype or anticipation that it once was, now firmly set into mainstream consumer, business and industrial use.

IoT represents a significant and key part of the digital transformation that we are witnessing across multiple industries.

But in a hyper-competitive field such as IoT, how can your connected technology or product stand out in the crowded market? How do you break out from the IoT noise?

Nominate today for an IoT Breakthrough Award and BREAK THROUGH!

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IoT Breakthrough: Our Mission

Now in its 8th year, the mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies and technologies around the world.

IoT Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for technology leadership and innovation in today’s most competitive categories of technology. IoT Breakthrough winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization. IoT Breakthrough Awards will be publicly announced in early January, helping companies start 2024 out with a bang!

The Tech Breakthrough organization has worked with hundreds of technology titans including Intel, Comcast, Cisco, NetApp, Sprint, HP, ADP, Samsung, Toshiba, General Electric, Philips, Quicken, Dell and many more, as well as groundbreaking startup companies through our public platform for recognition for standout technologies, people and companies. The winners will be announced and listed on the IoT Breakthrough Awards website, and winners have the opportunity to tout their awards at tradeshows, through news releases to key media, analysts and influencers, on their own content marketing, social media, sales collateral, investor communications, internal communications and more.


The IoT Breakthrough Awards competition is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing IoT products and services. To be eligible, an entry must have been produced or updated after August 1, 2021 (2-year window)

Award Categories

Smart City

Connected Car

Consumer IoT

IoT Component


Health & Wellness

Connected Home

Industrial IoT

IoT Partner & Ecosystem

Enterprise IoT

IoT Platform

High Value Drivers of IoT

Cost Reduction

Using data from IoT solutions, operators can proactively make better decisions, leading to increased efficiency and reducing operational costs.


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Security And Safety

Remote monitoring and control of critical asset supports operators and determining trends and patterns, and report any abnormality.


Revenue Growth

Using data from interconnected systems, a customized offering can be created for end consumers, leading to potential revenue boost.


Quality Control

Assessing process historical data from sensors or edge devices helps operators manage the product’s quality.


Submit Your Company & Product

2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards Submission Period: August 1 – October 6, 2023

Complete and submit for your entry online by October 6, 2023. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted. You may submit the same product in multiple categories.

Deadline: October 6, 2023


Earning the coveted IoT Breakthrough Award provides compelling benefits.

  • Industry-wide recognition and media attention through extensive IoT Breakthrough press, influencer, social media, analyst and media outreach campaigns touting the honorees.
  • IoT Breakthrough Award winner badge and creative assets available to include on sales, marketing and company materials (press release, social media, product packaging, advertising materials, etc.)
  • IoT Breakthrough crystal trophy to display at tradeshows, events and in your company’s trophy case.

Terms of Use

IoT Breakthrough Awards recognizes that many of the entries are internal or proprietary in nature, or are done for the government or another company, so unless you grant permission for your entries to be displayed in our winner’s gallery, only the judges will see your work.

Entries will not be returned unless special arrangements are made. No entrant information is sold, traded, made available to a third party or used for any other purpose.